Open source bike share

What is it?

Open Source Bike Share is the world’s first low-cost and open source bike sharing system. It is a bottom-up bicycle sharing system suitable for smaller communities or areas such as campuses, companies etc.

Anyone can start their own bike share easily by using our software/app.

Working already in:

  • Pilot has been running in Bratislava, Slovakia with 100 bikes and 50 stands since 01/2014 (originally started with only 50 bicycles and 20 stands). System now has over 500 users.

    Bike share in Bratislava, Slovakia (community run)
    Bike share in Bratislava, Slovakia (community run)
  • Commercial small-scale system running in Zadar, Croatia.

    Bike share in Zadar, Croatia (commercial)
    Bike share in Zadar, Croatia (commercial)
  • University students-run system with 8 bicycles and 3 stands (university / campus).
  • Community-run system has launched in Kezmarok, Slovakia in 06/2015.

You can also start private bike share or university cycle scheme using our system.

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